Below you will find a list of required downloads to play the Wolf Heart Industries PMC Simulation – If you need a guide on installation please visit   a full in depth and easy to follow installation guide.


TeamSpeak 3 Client Downloads

Please select the appropriate version for your windows installation, then run the installer. For more information on finding your system type, visit


Task Force Radio TeamSpeak 3 Plugin

The Task Force Radio Plugin is a plugin that installs directly into your TeamSpeak 3 folder allowing you to use the radio codec which is built into the mission. This will allow you to communicate with squad mates over a 5 KM distance with simulated radio communication break up based on terrain and distance.





Modpack Downloads

The Steam Workshop downloads require the user to subscribe to the modpack collection, this will begin downloading the mod pack files directly into your Steam/SteamApps/Common/Arma3/Workshop folder allowing you to activate the mods via the launcher.