Below you will find a visual instruction guide on how to begin playing with Wolf Heart Industries on the Afghanistan Private Military Company Insurgency Mission

If you have any questions feel free to ask one of the team coordinators on Teamspeak3 for assistance. The address should have been given to you via the welcome E-mail or through steam chat. This address can be plugged in via the “Connect” tab, or set as a bookmark under the “Bookmark tab” within the Teamspeak 3 client


Step 1: If you do not already have the TeamSpeak3 Voice Over IP System, please download the appropriate version below. Note: 32 Bit is for 32 Bit Windows systems, and 64 Bit Windows Systems. The Bit of your Windows Copy can be found by clicking the start menu, then right clicking on “My Computer” and hitting “Properties”. It should display the bit rating, however if you cannot find this, the 32 bit version will work for both systems. (If Teamspeak 3 Client is already installed, skip to Step 2)


Step 2: Once the TeamSpeak Client is installed, we will need to install the Task Force Radio plugin, this will allow the game to connect to TeamSpeak3 to create the simulated radio environment, allowing you to broadcast over radio over short distances. Do this by clicking the “PLUGIN” button below with the TeamSpeak3 logo.


Step 3. Once the plugin is installed, we will begin installing the modpack. The first half of the modpack is simple, if you have Steam installed you should be able to access the “Steam Workshop”, a mod development platform which allows the user to quickly access hundreds of thousands of mods. Click the Steam Workshop Mod Picture below and click “Subscribe to All”, or click the + sign next to each modpack. You can allow these to download and move on to step 4 in the meantime.




Step 4. Once the installer has completed, and the steam workshop files have downloaded (You can check this by highlighting over Library and selecting “Downloads”, Arma 3 Workshop Content should show up.) We will begin the mounting process of the mods. Open up the Arma 3 Launcher




Step 6. With the Arma 3 Launcher Open, Click the Mods tab and you should see multiple mods from the Steam Workshop. Activate all of the newly downloaded mods. Upon completion you should have 69 Mods activated. If your number is different from this list you may not have access to the private mods, or you may have extra mods activated that will prevent you from playing. For access to the private mods contact a Wolf Heart Industries repesentative.


Step 7. Mod Saving – Once all mods have been activated, be sure to save it as a “Wolf Heart Industries” profile so you can quickly activate the mods should you acquire different mods.-