Prepared by:
Team Coordinator “Monster”
Point of Contact:
Team Coordinator “Snake, Team Coordinator “Monster”

1. Subject
a. Wolf Heart Industries has been contracted with securing the war torn region of the Korengal Valley, Afghanistan.

2. Background
a. In December of 2018 ISIS forces rebounded from the countless assaults and bombing campaigns, and finding new
resolve, they pushed to take territory throughout the middle east. They obtained an Iraqi nuclear warhead after
capturing Baghdad in January of the next year and used it to wipe out the Kurdish militia. ISIS is now poised to
take Afghanistan with the help of local tribal leaders as well as their former enemy-turned-ally,
the terrorist group Al’Qaeda.

3. Objective
a. Provide security to the populace of the Korengal Valley and bring chaos to order.
b. Provide fixed security to humanitarian assets inside Afghanistan.
c. Maintain operations at Jallalabad Airport.
d. Assist USAID in winning hearts and minds within the Korengal Valley.
e. Quell any factions facilitating ISIS inside Afghanistan abroad as well in its cities and townships.
f. Find and neutralize/disarm/destroy any known IEDs, IED factories, terrorist cells, ISIS camps/compounds/assets.

4. Cautionary Notes
a. Intel suggests moderate to extreme IED threat, VBIED’s and suicide bombers.
b. Always P.I.D., as often times civilians are caught in the crossfire.
c. Enemy force is composed of three factions.

5. Friendly Assessment
a. Several UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters are on-base to provide transport and CASEVAC.
b. US backed Close-Air-Support is available for tasking.
c. Company provided assets and gear are available for purchase per the company intranet WILDFIRE
d. 2x Team Coordinators are currently on site to provide mission-specific information and guidance to operations
in the field as well as technical support and personnel recruitment.
e. Also on site is the subsidiary medical group, in-country to provide contractors with medical training as well
as provide medical services to contractors and the populace of Korengal Valley.


Mission Features

Ambient Civilian Occupation / Engagement
Ambient Enemy Occupation / Maneuvering
VBIED / Suicide Bomber Threat / EOD Suit
ACE Advanced Medical System
Sling Loading / Rappelling from Rooftops / Rappelling from Helicopters
HUMINT displays Active Randomized Enemy Base Locations
Custom Randomized Missions Spawned on Command
ALIVE Compatibility / Saving
Currency System for Purchasing Equipment / Guns / Vehicles
Allotted Salary for Contractors to Purchase Equipment
200+ Weapons Supported
Loss of Equipment on Death (Reason for the Salary)
Vehicle Checkpoints
Highly Intelligent Insurgent Presence
Headless Client Supported
Over 30,000 Lines of Code!