Wolf Heart Industries

Rank and Pay


Our promotion policy is based off of individual combat and overall unit performance. Kills will not get you rank, however confirmed EKIA’s will result in a bonus for specific missions. Often times, Team Coordinators will recognize contractors for acts of valor or out of combat effectiveness and recommend them for a promotion or monetary reward.

Rank Code Pay Per Mission
Contractor Recruit CR-1 $1,000
Contractor Recruit Grade 2 CR-2 $1,250
Contractor Grade 1
C-1 $1,500
Contractor Grade 2
C-2 $2,000
Senior Contractor SC-1 $2,500
Senior Contractor Grade 2 SC-2 $3000
Senior Contractor Grade 3 SC-3 $3500
Officer O-1 $4,000
Officer Grade 2 O-2 $5,000
Officer Grade 3 O-3 $6,000
Officer Grade 4 O-4 $7000